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A keepsake of templed words from inspiring women.

 What is inspiring you right now?
Being in nature. Now that our tie outside is limited I have come to cherish it a lot more. 
I like to go to the beach and write while listening to the waves. 

Is there a film you love that influenced your creative work?
There are many films that have influenced my work. 
The Lion King was a huge influence on me because It reminded me of home in East Africa. 
I am inspired by the works of Stanley Kubrick and Werner Hertzog.

What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?
Life itself. I am grateful for the life that I have.  

How have your challenges in life shaped your journey?
They have taught me to know when to have moments of strength and when to be vulnerable.
When do you feel most creative?
 I feel most creative when I’m in solitude. I like to create an atmosphere with good music and good vibes. 

What helps reignite your creative energy when you’re feeling stuck?
I reignite by moving my body and things that can get me out of my head helps me get back in focus.
What does authenticity mean to you?
Living my life on my terms. Often we get wrapped up in how others see us and that only distances us from our true self. 
If has taken time for me to come to this conclusion but at this point in my life it doesn’t serve me to not live in my being.

What does community look like to you? How do you nurture it?
I come from a culture that believes the collective is greater than the individual. It is not that we don’t matter but when we function as a unit we go farther. I think there is a balance especially living in different cultures. 

How do you move through insecurity?
I see it and tell it to have a seat. I have learned to love myself and give myself the kindness that I give to others.

Where and when do you feel the most alive?
When I am around my loved ones and when I visit a place I’ve never been to.

Walk us through your morning/evening rituals…
Wake up, give thanks, have a smoothie or oatmeal, exercise and meditate after, do skincare and get to work.
Evening: Have a great meal and a glass of wine, I might watch a series and prep my skin for sleep. 

What are you looking forward to?
I look forward to having peace of mind, dancing in clubs and traveling the world again. 

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