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A keepsake of templed words from inspiring women

What’s inspiring you right now?
I am eternally enveloped by the embrace of my guides and forever inspired by everything around us.
Is there a film you love that influenced your creative work?
SAMSARA (2011), I truly and deeply believe that this movie cannot be done justice through words, you must watch it, it will leave you in awe. It has inspired every aspect of my life and will continue to stick with me as I grow. 
“The Sanskrit word Samsara refers to the wheel of life, the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth...”
How have your challenges in life shaped your journey? 
The events that have taken place in my life have left me engraved with lessons that I will forever be grateful for. Time after time, I've been guided towards the importance of surrendering; to let go and trust the cosmic flow of life. Rebirth after rebirth, i've repeatedly discovered and confirmed that perception is key and that love is who we really are. 
Overall, the challenges in my life have paved me a path of liberation; A path where I accept to infinitely expand and open my eyes to my most authentic self. This lifetime has been a beautifully complex yet simple journey of awareness, observation and discernment; of learning to listen, accept, and evolve. 

When do you feel most creative?
Early mornings, spending moments in solitude. Being fully  immersed in my own energy. The more I feel and slow down, the more magnetizing my field becomes to the gifts that support the fulfillment of my purpose & mission (to whatever I desire to bring forth or create) 
What helps reignite your creative energy when you’re feeling stuck?
I remind myself that there is a specific time to create, consume and release. When I feel myself building blockages that hinder my creativity I dive into releasing and begin consuming what inspires me. I honor each phase, and invite my creativity back and reflect on why it may have momentarily slipped. “Feeling stuck” is a pathway to the birthing of fresh new ideas, deep introspection and a clearer path. 
What does authenticity mean to you?
Authenticity is who we are in our purest, truest form. Its presence lives within all. Unfiltered and raw; where polarity lives and acceptance thrives. 

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What does community look like to you? How do you nurture it?
Community to me is a space that breaks the illusion of separation. Whether it be a sanctuary, a circle (big, small or global) driven by collective awareness. An unrestricted container that receives all. 
I nurture community through connection, initiation, compassion, and transparency. I deliver my hand when in need, to the best of my abilities while respecting and listening to what I can offer. 

How do you move through insecurity?
Gently and Slowly. I remind myself that my true inner being is not small or insignificant even if those thoughts do arise. I honor wherever my emotions choose to take me. I feel, acknowledge and let go of the beliefs that don’t serve me- feeling my fears so they can free me. 
In moments where insecurity takes up space, I understand that these “ideas” are birthed through a child that once navigated through life with a lack of self worth. With this awareness, I move forward with my personal medicine; whether it be writing, meditation, resting, or breath + body work. Everytime is different, each navigation is unique to itself. 

Where and when do you feel the most alive?
In vast open spaces, in stillness, in silence near water. 
Walk us through your morning/evening rituals…
For as long as I can remember, I have always found comfort in early mornings. The silence, the ease, the nothingness and the mystery of what will unfold as the day progresses. 
The first thing I try to remember and do is hydrate. As I wake up from my slumber, I take some time for myself; closing my eyes (but still awake), here I set intentions for my day and hold space for a short prayer. I then usually proceed by doing a few gentle stretches, and I get out of bed, light an incense and make some delicious coffee for my partner and I. Everything else that follows is dependent on the day and what I feel pulled towards. I start working anytime between 9-11am. Working from home has been a blessing as it has encouraged fluidity into my schedule. 
My evening rituals are very similar to my morning rituals, but differentiate slightly with intention. Instead of opening an unread book, here I gently close it. I start by washing my face, lathering up in my favourite oils, cleansing my space, lighting an incense, and cuddling up to watching a movie or tv series. 
On days that feel slightly heavier, I love to take a bath. Bathing is a gift to my physical body; void of time and space. A moment to solely exist and submerge. 

What are you looking forward to?
I look forward to this new year and all that it is going to unfold! I’m inviting in expansion and encouraging myself to take up more space! I’m excited to witness myself unfold and surrender to all that there is. I look forward to collectively coming back home - to love. 

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